Our Courses​​​​

SAFEGirl Self Defense Seminars were designed for women, by women.
The purpose of these "ladies only" events is to teach women, ages 13 and up how to defend themself in the event of an attack. Because practice, and repetition is so crucial to the techniques we will be teaching, our seminars are broken down into two levels. All seminars average a total of three hours.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog."
                                                                                                     -Archie Griffin
Level I Seminar

During our Level I Seminar you will learn what we call, "The Four Levels of Awareness". These levels include:

1) Body Language (yours, others, and surroundings);
2) Spacial Awareness (the distance between you and others);
3) Verbal Boundaries (using your voice as a weapon); and
4) Flight or Fight (when it's time to escape or run, when it's time to fight).

​Participants will learn proper defense stance, basic hand and groin strikes, and life saving skills to defend against an attack. 

Moms, please be informed, if you are planning on attending this seminar with your teenage daughter, we will be addressing serious subjects, such as, attempted rape, as well as alcohol safety.
Please use your discretion!
Level II Seminar

Once you have attended, and completed our Level I course, you will be invited back to our advanced training course. Our Level II seminar will review what you've learned in our previous course, and teach more advanced techniques that can be used to save your life in the event that an attack has escalated to a fight.

During our Level II Seminar, you will learn more advanced self defense techniques, such as:

  • How to defend against a bear hug (someone attacking you from the front, or behind, and attemting to pick you up);
  • How to escape a choke; and
  • How to fight and escape once an attacker has taken you to the ground.